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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 979 – Aug 19 2018

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Adolescent involved in chaste encounter TEEN
American embraced by dancing nude virgin UNUSED
Angry lad almost gets wife’s weapon CROSSBOW
Bears find grass in empty boxes BREEDS
Beat patient’s last hospital-acquired infection THRASH
Brace used to help the spine, when oxygen is in short supply ORTHOSIS
British runners enter these with things to hold up trousers BRACES
Came into contact with source of earthly or heavenly body METEOR
Canine’s first sign of tooth decay CARIES
Cut of meat popular with composer CHOPIN
Germ primarily found in West African country is not life threatening BENIGN
Is relevant to arguments against covering nuclear research facility CONCERNS
Londoners without new translation for medieval language OLDNORSE
Mathematician in a casino went bust ISAACNEWTON
Observation about retired chap’s loyalty COMMITMENT
One with an eye for the ladies has letter delivered to country with two queens PHILANDERER
Our future king has appropriate headgear CROWNS
Outfit for good listener? GEAR
Pass mark given to English student at last TICKET
Psychological problem developed this year HYSTERIA
Reflective journalist free to think DELIBERATE
Religion contributing to clash in Tokyo SHINTO
Sketch is badly singed DESIGN
Staff on time to meet artist producing sacred text MANTRA
With training, skater is a star ASTERISK
Work hard for alien’s convenience TOILET