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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 980 – Aug 26 2018

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Clues Answers
Back in charge, taking car out and about CIRCA
Cheese a little while before sleep’s rejected every time MOZZARELLA
Commission agent’s backing money to mature PERCENTAGE
Criss-crossed unknown island and gazed around astride horse ZIGZAGGED
Cross with poor casual worker before the start of day BADTEMPERED
Gateway for large number to get aboard wonderful ship ACCESS
Greedyguts is large in stomach and a heavyweight GLUTTON
Kilometre in, end run injured and wasted DRUNKEN
Kisses for old lovers EXES
Knew area could be made to revive again REAWAKEN
Lapse with catch turned the game TENNIS
Let others see expensive coat picked up by driver CHAUFFEUR
Nitrogen’s good in Merlot bottled for the future LONGTERM
Ordinary fellow describes king in jest JOKE
Passion for teacher’s indeed unending DESIRE
Patriarch from Asia running riot gets caught ISAAC
Peer’s father — sick but not hard to take care of LOOKAFTER
Queen’s worried about one of horses EQUINE
Raise tax on custom working INUSE
Sets off to Stuart’s bash STARTSOUT
Steal from artist’s new bag RANSACK
Take care of castle, working under one with vision KEEPANEYEON
Teams of doctors cover our organisation GROUPS
The day’s leading entomologist has limited skill with lice treatment DEFINITEARTICLE
Tugs at last sadly sank at sea YANKS
Visit state pupils at home CALLIN
Warrior almost takes old city with a display of great spirit BRAVURA