The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 981 – Sep 2 2018

Clues Answers
… the result was a foregone conclusion NOCONTEST
Boarding school bedroom is considered excellent to begin with for sleepy little creatures DORMICE
Bow liberal accepted to amalgamate BLEND
Condition in old city quarter INURE
Consequently following new ensign up at first ENSUING
Defenceless, but United Nations are equipped and ready UNARMED
Device for security gets ten up SAFETYNET
Devotion to a deity? Goodness! PIOUSNESS
Dieter ran badly and was taught new ways RETRAINED
Empty threat about our broadcast for fish TROUT
Examiner to check gold INSPECTOR
Fearful about term at university for Lou’s son TREMULOUS
Foreign game, first love has the last word OMEGA
He has tune playing to remove protective covering UNSHEATHE
Images in one study she’s beginning ICONS
Impressive kind of force altered rate … GREAT
Lie mole made up to National Trust to get cream EMOLLIENT
Managed good English collection RANGE
Medic had different seeds to be prepared DRESSED
Mum went around clinging to gold, alone in a burial chamber MAUSOLEUM
My clanger about the vicar? CLERGYMAN
Originally, did Ed choose one room’s colours and furnishings? DECOR
Perhaps see it as being most comfortable EASIEST
Playful aspect of promissory notes FACETIOUS
Pretty lady holding a gun, but it’s just a game BAGATELLE
Recorded music? NOTATED
Run into toy __ that’s funny! DROLL
Sean said to have been been sheared SHORN
The French and English draw back to the sheltered side LEEWARD
Those who know of former spouse’s impudent son EXPERTS
Way to get married in church? I’ll say! AISLE
Wrong idea: turn and say goodbye in Paris ADIEU

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