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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 982 – Sep 9 2018

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Clues Answers
… scraps with strange people on backstreet ODDMENTS
Alcohol bottle SPIRIT
Beat leading triathlete, then mope around TEMPO
Border traditions CUSTOMS
Closed up one end unwisely UNOPENED
Feed poorly, at first being hopeless DEFEATIST
Give up fish for stodgy food DUMPLING
Guessed Rocky meditates ESTIMATED
Indeed, organ is saved! DELIVERED
Irrationally fear being in elevator? This could save you LIFERAFT
Matilda’s outwardly obsessive beast … ANIMAL
New and bouncy building? CASTLE
Note scale of wee organ BLADDER
Poster calling for entry ADMISSION
Quiet rental, if you don’t mind PLEASE
Said team expressed sadness SIGHED
Scrap force, we hear MITE
Slot a hip replacement here? HOSPITAL
Some implore newspaper to modernise RENEW
Sticks up for being over-complacent SMUG
Tonic and spice PEPPER
Touching silver developed stain AGAINST
Treat disease in Blackpool or Bognor? SEASIDE
What is charged for a poem? ANODE
When in good health, too ASWELL
Whinges tediously, having eaten INGESTED
Worn out journalist therein took a trip on a bus? ERODED
You finally overturned preacher’s taste UMAMI