The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 983 – Sep 16 2018

Clues Answers
Adorn resting place with Eastern cutwork’s edging BEDECK
Avoid gallery displaying fake MISSTATE
Banning unpopular Los Angeles faction OUTLAWING
Chooses motif on a publication for teachers DESIGNATES
Church over frozen water is exquisite CHOICE
Confirm V&A top at tastefully exhibiting heads VALIDATE
Defy revolting sister RESIST
Extraordinary antique holds old correspondence EQUATION
Fate embraced by all others LOT
Fed up and embarrassed by body odour BORED
Form of ID personal assistants wear PASSPORT
Generous old writer delivered OPENHANDED
Goes with baked clay slab for revolutionary entrance feature TURNSTILE
I am somebody with a note to copy IMPERSONATE
Leaders of cardiological radiology unit x-rayed heart CRUX
Minute holding odd bits of gold causing stinging sensation TINGLY
Park official called queen RANGER
Pleasant sounding set of furniture SUITE
Principle held to be true either way TENET
Proposal getting viewers, reportedly, to soften TENDERISE
Raise flag JACK
Rear seen in taffeta, regularly AFT
Rig flag after a time ATTIRE
Send back large piece of material as evidence of work TIMESHEET
Stop first of guards boarding ship LINGER
Strong warning not right POTENT
Support at sea abounded TEEMED
Take drugs inside silent public building MUSEUM
Unruly troll chose to embrace energy level many would seek to lower CHOLESTEROL
Vapour left in tree HAZEL

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