The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 984 – Sep 23 2018

Clues Answers
Attractive lead, perhaps taking time out for curry? HOTMEAL
Biographical advice for the dead boring GETALIFE
Chance of success when Vatican replaces Head of Debt VIABILITY
Complain about check on basic piece of information BITCH
Complete dietary description appreciated by gluttons ALLYOUCANEAT
Damaged carriage lacking starter causes turbulence in flight AIRRAGE
Dangerous location from which to get stolen jumpers returned HOTSPOT
Dealing with old remains in a mad alcoholic rage ARCHAEOLOGICAL
Express disappointment with problem __ it all sounds so daunting AWESOME
Express frustration after removing clip from graphical representation AARGH
Finished on the double? That’s a bit excessive OVERDONE
Frequent customer having predictable movements REGULAR
Gather in support for impressive parade leader GRANDMARSHAL
Half of them rumble with a rhythmic sound THRUM
Island displays measure of interest in racing centre CAPRI
It measures spirits of subject as temperature drops OPTIC
It’s shown to those getting cards THEDOOR
Lightly cover edges with a versatile material LYCRA
Old carrier with defect, one that damages the environment LITTERBUG
Propose restricting route for this type of vehicle OFFROADER
Re-approve complicated approach to handling unwelcome cracks PAPEROVER
Reflect back some natural oscillations from the sun SOLAR
Rural post office converted into salon PARLOUR
Spotted outbreak contracted from child’s waste container NAPPYRASH
Tied up leaders in long and complicated European debates LACED
Upset academic spoke at length RATTLEDON
Vintage poster depicting Boys in Blue OLDBILL
Where can you finds items in store so disorganised? ALLOVERTHESHOP

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