The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 985 – Sep 30 2018

Clues Answers
Agreed report’s to be suppressed CONQUERED
Amphora still contains wine ASTI
Aristocrat, briefly following sport, gives money RUPEE
At home let tea include cooked eggs OMELETTE
Beats back revolutionary’s initial success in short bursts SNATCHES
Check girl’s included in come back REJOIN
Chief bridesmaid, running to ‘n’ fro after mother, gets praise MATRONOFHONOUR
Each movement causes pain ACHE
Flee from Spain after ridiculous duel ELUDE
Getting less flatulence after starting dinner with fish DWINDLING
Go to cover drugs with dish TUREEN
I say flee disorder for a stress-free existence EASYLIFE
Judge England/Australia game JENGA
Located fashionable fabric SATIN
May hear broadcast, it’s more powerful MIGHTIER
Mayoress told off, it’s happened before SAMEOLDSTORY
Perhaps slip down ahead of man carrying weapon UNDERGARMENT
Proper musical makes brief comeback after one that’s crude PRIMITIVE
Remain with car caught in river TARRY
Small child and woman are travelling behind TOTHEREAR
Still shy about start of year with class STYLISHLY
Stops husband taking keys HALTS
Temporary help with stenography SHORTHAND
Towards the thin end of the wedge? ONTHESMALLSIDE
Used for hanging key with small ring on back NOOSE
Went back to room that’s out of this world DEEPSPACE
With distance to return home, dined on take out ELIMINATE
Worry about waste SWEAT

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