The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 986 – Oct 7 2018

Clues Answers
A board game? TABLETENNIS
Able to take in under direction, if initially it’s heard AUDIBLE
Ample to make a small cake and possibly tea, say ABUNDANT
Care for Dicky: he’s rich CHERISH
Chance of crop pest mutation PROSPECT
Composer curbs the arrangement SCHUBERT
Doorman produces beer and wine for the Queen PORTER
Essay on big cats for the powerless? PAPERTIGERS
Fall in research gets worse again RELAPSES
Fix about a couple REPAIR
For Moley a note to pass through PERMEATE
Force ex-pupil to tell an untruth about George OBLIGE
Freedom, when I input my code IMPUNITY
Gemstone from old friend OPAL
In high spirits, when a bridge player dealt differently ELATED
Irish girls in one’s cell anyway COLLEENS
Journey starts at the river estuary’s keys TREK
Maybe create lace and go faster ACCELERATE
Meant for person to whom you are engaged INTENDED
Person at home wearing dress for worker INHABITANT
Seconder mistakenly cut CENSORED
The Spanish article has style ELAN
Thought to have speculated SURMISED
Uniformly flat EVENLY
Went ahead with good early run, firstly for the record book LEDGER
Zone in new country originally producing metal ZINC

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