The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 987 – Oct 14 2018

Clues Answers
Adam finally taken in by falsehood gets fruit LIME
Always remove injured soldiers EVERMORE
Animal and a collection of teeth found in burial site CATACOMB
Australian leaving country in need of food HUNGRY
Company messenger heading off as escort CONVOY
Dean alarms swimming amphibian SALAMANDER
Doctor cures earl for free RESCUE
Editor rising to partner’s challenge DEFIANCE
Environmentalists planting new vegetable in Mediterranean country GREENPEACE
Eve out to secure good places to eat garden produce VEGETABLES
Father to include service before end of aisle is repaired DARNED
First lady books special occasions EVENTS
Five shown to be justified VINDICATED
Frisky mare tucked into healthy-looking plant ROSEMARY
Ghettos loosely surrounding northern capital OSLO
Go from door to door selling bicycle part, reportedly PEDDLE
Learnt about feature of some animals ANTLER
Light using large unit of electrical current LAMP
Measures concentration shown by bird judges TITRATES
Mild chap ordered gin BENIGN
Officer’s endgame designed to trap king GENDARME
Old man gets old wall moulding DADO
Pass starter of extra large mushy peas ELAPSE
Prize bull losing footing in space ESTEEM
Service finally made to employ female therapist MASSEUSE
Stop in dodgy side street DESIST
The French claimed independence with the German song LIEDER
Waterborne creatures arrange untied knot PLANKTON

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