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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 988 – Oct 21 2018

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Clues Answers
Arab uprising very soon OMANI
Back end awfully sore ENDORSE
Begins to tell jokes CRACKS
Book reviewer half shut radio broadcast AUDITOR
Bully taking gin back from drunk concierge COERCE
Chicken may be stuffed with lemon finally, as intended MEANT
Crowd hoot wildly for time traveller DOCTORWHO
Devouring autobiography and taking it back EATINGONESWORDS
Driving manoeuvres go into possible speeding penalty Threepointturns
Falling out could produce equal rights QUARREL
Fancy niche accommodation for sceptic CYNIC
Filling for calamari: cottage cheese RICOTTA
Goes on and on (in short dress!) DRONES
Hidden sign for office staff SECRETARIES
Huge performance trick GIGANTIC
Keeper’s dog eats rodent and duck CURATOR
Measure heart, taking time CENTIMETRE
More paintings returned by former husband EXTRA
New York landmark could be quite a mess — that’s about right! TIMESSQUARE
Observer magazine SPECTATOR
Pub anger produces fire BARRAGE
Ridiculous cut bad editor’s taken ABDUCTED
Saluted our strange type of relationship ADULTEROUS
See 19 ROOM
Smelly strongish cheese (Emmental not Taleggio) excites diners for starters SCENTED
Someone who badly treats bear wandering around America ABUSER
The matter here oddly refers to oil producer TEATREE
Top tract of land rejected for clearance HEAD