The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 990 – Nov 5 2018

Clues Answers
Account popular to air INVOICE
Apply fresh rations regularly PERTAIN
Credit grain with first class returns for Balkan country CROATIA
Every American is welcoming touching references ALLUSIONS
Expressed longing for period of time with new edition YEARNED
Fault returning, discards device GUBBINS
Fear the Daleks surrounded and connected to ground EARTHED
Fit to follow standard moral lesson PARABLE
Genuine gin cocktail set one straight again REALIGN
Heads of department initially tried turning out the same thing DITTO
Improve luck, having lost head after being oddly lost ENHANCE
Influenced journalists and editor to follow that bloke from EastEnders IMPRESSED
Irrational to exchange first of rains for sun — not fitting for the time of year UNSEASONABLE
Judgement of love tie OPINION
Kill baby bear with European item found in drink ICECUBE
Landscape observed on the radio SCENE
Loudly coarse Scotsman is bully RUFFIAN
Lusty veggies dancing erotically SUGGESTIVELY
Notice dud working in reasoning DEDUCTION
Peacekeeping force with storm left to resolve UNRAVEL
Philip and Elizabeth repeatedly meeting southern Lotharios PHILANDERERS
Portray agony with hint of tenderness PAINT
Prisoner with money judged to be focused CONCENTRATED
Regulation unfortunately constrained, lacking sanctions initially ORDINANCE
Saying in favour of part of speech PROVERB
Sell vehicles TRAFFIC
Stylish men expected to embrace daughter and son DUDES
Thrust oneself into untried ground INTRUDE

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