The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 991 – Nov 12 2018

Clues Answers
Annoyed, when unscrupulous journalist and editor get zero fines HACKEDOFF
Bird box sheltered by terrace? HOUSESPARROW
Birds briefly peck around the edges KITES
Boasted that credit’s due CROWED
Eel artfully pierced by silver bird of prey EAGLE
Elegant citadel’s destroyed by end of battle DELICATE
For example, going back round edge reveals dirt GRIME
Game over before getting to grips with first level is not fun CHEERLESS
German article about break point for Rolling Stones? DRIFTERS
Hurry to watch son on instrument LOOKSHARP
I bet that potential winner in front is raring to go CHAMPATTHEBIT
I get manic about puzzling! ENIGMATIC
Joins forces with foreign gendarmes extracting DNA MERGES
Kingdom has bona fide munificent leader REALM
Kudos! You finally solved a puzzle SUDOKU
Last letters heading off from Rome reflected decline OMEGAS
Lewd about sailors half-stripped! CARNAL
Look in a guide about communication DIALOGUE
Naughty child set fire to model, given permission by mistake LITTLETERROR
One time performance is flawless EXACT
Popular finishing round on practice green INEXPERIENCED
Resist engagement being cancelled? FIGHTOFF
Retired and moved to live with daughter WENTTOBED
Sneaky to rip off your former following STEALTHY
Some of life’s terrors get worse FESTER
Trendy article about space is mindless INANE
Woman gets bad vibe eating alternative to rabbit, for instance HERBIVORE
Worrying about looking after eggs BROODING

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