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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 998 – Dec 31 2018

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Clues Answers
… fighting to report atmosphere in docklands? WARFARE
A poem Dante hasn’t finished about outrageous stage character PANTODAME
Adjust position of concrete sign having small omission REALIGN
African managed to acquire magic rod RWANDAN
Checked out clothing and got fresh TRIEDITON
Couple indicate boundary for averge children in the traditional family? TWOPOINTFOUR
Drop a fellow outside bar ABANDON
First farm building that includes everything BARNONE
In haste, fan offered accommodation for Italian chap STEFANO
Issue from available supply OUTFLOW
Issue that’s supertough, oddly SPROG
Lie flat before running for a quick start HITTHEGROUND
Muse tends to get moving, when absolutely unavoidable NEEDSMUST
One records attack being repulsed first DIARIST
One who sees the truth about top celebrities REALIST
Organic food processor STOMACH
Plant that’s yellow, say, with an orange head OREGANO
Pull into sensible space for parking items in transit STOWAGE
Put the men into another formation — the last of many? UMPTEENTH
Reform made in first-class community of scholars ACADEME
Relieved after cold is finished EASED
Split is happening as Romeo turns to whiskey INTWAIN
Strike by those who provoke tough questions … BRAINTEASERS
Stupid to get told off over his mess DOLTISH
The owner soon redesigned a dull place to live ONEHORSETOWN
Way of doing complex scores on page PROCESS
What all totally empty reservoirs principally lack WATER
Woman capturing the hearts of both Miro and Genet IRENE