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The Guardian – Quiptic crossword No 999 – January 7 2019

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Clues Answers
All one’s worldly goods consist of a broken tea set ESTATE
Arrange to tie one tag in knots NEGOTIATE
At risk of death by exploding grenade ENDANGERED
Balance shown by officer class OFFSET
Caught editor tucking into awfully hard cheese CHEDDAR
Communist on quiet journey to work COMMUTE
Country airs active round America RUSSIA
Drink given by school before toddlers’ sleeps SCHNAPS
Give out retro magazine EMIT
Give way about setter as a pet BUDGIE
Guarded silver in hollow cavity CAGY
Hasty examination reveals inflammation of a gland STYE
In taxi, I take home a piece of furniture CABINET
Insect taking time to find a source of sugar BEET
Mad sunbathers out to get opponents of blood sports HUNTSABOTEURS
Mark granted a wish to go with the others, uninvited TAGALONG
Midweek mash of swede and last of parsley WEDNESDAY
Obscure university hospital’s third contribution to breast reconstruction ABSTRUSE
Partially conscious, conservative used offensive language CONCUSSED
Poirot asked to get hold of duty lists ROTAS
Raise and care for chick starting to fly over ridge FLEDGE
Sheath of the sword found in tent TEEPEE
Shoes, nevertheless, dislocated toes STILLETOS
Short and extremely sexy movement made by a woman CURTSY
Silver coins given for processed grains GROATS
Space given to plants in dishes ENTREES
Turned up perfect piece of bone TIBIA
Women in queenly residences accepting open place to learn to use a needle HOUSEWIVES
Youngster getting Torquay’s first American sausage TWEENIE