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The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,173 – Mar 25 2018

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Clues Answers
American wild cat OCELOT
And others ETAL
Bribe BUNG
Catch off guard WRONGFOOT
Comfort, relief BALM
Concession of defeat CLIMBDOWN
Feel admiration for REVERE
Following AFTER
Frugality THRIFT
Genre of popular music FOLK
Hybrid language of French and English FRANGLAIS
Informal ballot STRAWPOLL
Intermediary GOBETWEEN
Keep in check REIN
Clues Answers
Lethargic TORPID
Obstruct HINDER
Poisonous TOXIC
Race meeting notable for formal and fashionable dress ASCOT
Remnant RELIC
Shrew, scold TERMAGANT
Smallest number FEWEST
Stay out of sight LIELOW
Swindle ROOK
Turnip NEEP
Wanderlust ITCHYFEET
Way out EXIT