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The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,183 – Jun 2 2018 June 2 2018

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Clues Answers
—– Julius Caesar GAIUS
Bikini, for one? ATOLL
Braille (anag) LIBERAL
Bring back to the boil, for instance REHEAT
Concluding part of a poem, book or ballade ENVOI
Country conquered by Normans, 1277-84 WALES
Directions for this puzzle? ACROSSANDDOWN
Disburse; fork out SPEND
Dome-shaped glass cover, used in laboratories BELLJAR
Heavy dark medium-sweet sherry OLOROSO
Ice house IGLOO

Clues Answers
Large ductless neck gland THYROID
Loose garment with veiled holes for the eyes BURKA
Majorly influential SEMINAL
Means of control; checks REINS
Membrane between toes of aquatic animals and birds WEBBING
Physical feature of 11 Ac [1] BRECONBEACONS
Physical feature of 11 Ac [2] RhonddaValley
Puzzle combining pictures and letters for words REBUS
Take exception OBJECT
Tales by Rudyard Kipling JUSTSOSTORIES
Written demand for payment INVOICE