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The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,187 – Jun 30 2018

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Clues Answers
Composer of the opera Faust (1859) GOUNOD
Acronym for US stock car racing’s governing body NASCAR
Air-foil that controls lateral motion AILERON
Annoys, irritates NARKS
Apportion ALLOT
Deck which includes both minor arcana and major arcana cards TAROT
Develop faster than; surmount OUTGROW
East-west landmass stretching between Cape Roca and Cape Dezhnev EURASIA
Electric dart shooter TASER
Extend on all sides simultaneously; encircle ENVIRON
Follow up something with another, repeatedly AGAINANDAGAIN
Grip; charm ENTHRAL
Clues Answers
Halls? (anag) SHALL
Hindu or Buddhist blissful meditative state NIRVANA
Kind of foreword, informally: jazzy overture INTRO
Lacking physical or intellectual depth: shoal SHALLOW
Large seabird, white with dark markings GANNET
Leerer; one who stares OGLER
Meander; digress WANDER
Musical show REVUE
Name given to Australia in 1788; a state since 1901 NEWSOUTHWALES
Popular Johann Strauss II operetta (1874) DIEFLEDERMAUS
Tropical African shrub widely cultivated for coffee ARABICA
Unable to see a way forward out of trouble ATONESWITSEND