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The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,190 – Jul 21 2018

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Clues Answers
—– Fruitti, epoch-changing 1955 hit for Little Richard TUTTI
Adriatic port, Habsburg since 1382, annexed by Italy in 1918 TRIESTE
Animal’s corpse CARCASS
Belgium’s largest port ANTWERP
Believe in TRUST
Cognisant AWARE
Column of light SHAFT
Eg, sat up (anag) UPSTAGE
Eighth letter of the Greek alphabet THETA
Exertion: worry SWEAT
Gladden; fill with joy ELATE
Happening, going on AFOOT
Heed; regard RESPECT
Clues Answers
Italian-style pilaf RISOTTO
Japanese dish of rice, vegetables, egg and fish SUSHI
Lake of Central Asia now only a quarter of the area it was in 1960 ARALSEA
Larceny THEFT
Lengthways: toward the extremities ENDWISE
Naive; ingenuous ARTLESS
Obstinately resistant to change DIEHARD
Queries raised in meetings on matters of rules POINTSOFORDER
RC organization which supports the University of Pamplona OPUSDEI
Reason for concern; potential scare CAUSEFORALARM
Sit in on: inspect AUDIT
Vernacular; originally jargon of disreputable people SLANG
Wrestling partnership TAGTEAM