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The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,211 – Dec 16 2018

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Clues Answers
__ Lendel, former world No 1 tennis player IVAN
…and one of its two major concerns INCOME
Barmitzvah, for example RITEOFPASSAGE
Batting: not working ONSTRIKE
Book-keeping record… LEDGER
Cornwall’s county town; also a town on Cape Cod TRURO
Daughter of Zeus, goddess of youth HEBE
Fungoid delicacy of France’s Perigord region TRUFFLE
Greek goddess of fertility, equivalent to the Roman Ceres DEMETER
Highest point; culmination ACME
In, or of, the previous month ULTIMO
Lumina (anag) ALUMNI
Model: epitome IDEAL
Of the lily family, plant used in balms and as a food additive ALOE
Scratch left by a glacier on rocks, or a streak or ridge in muscle tissue STRIA
Section of the Requiem Mass DIESIRAE
Site in Bavaria of an annual festival of Wagner operas BAYREUTH
Spoil an opportunity (for someone) QUEERTHEPITCH
Tributary of the Mississippi in Texas and Louisiana REDRIVER
Unbeatable foe: ruin NEMESIS
Whorl of sepals, a plant’s natural cover CALYX