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The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,212 – Dec 23 2018

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Clues Answers
The __, adventure novel by Jack London (1903) CALLOFTHEWILD
Agent SPY
Auberge or tavern INN
Beat; trick OUTFOX
Big-headedness; self-image EGO
Bolivia’s legal capital; Ecuador’s former currency SUCRE
Bothersome annoying person PAININTHENECK
Country bumpkin; hick YOKEL
Covered single-seated carrying chair SEDAN
Enumerating imaginary animals in an attempt to overcome insomnia COUNTINGSHEEP
Extended house and estate (often of a farm) HOMESTEAD
Formerly a gold coin of various European countries DUCAT
French informal restaurant BISTRO
Greek hero of legend who killed the Minotaur THESEUS
Jewish festival celebrating the Exodus (variant spelling) SUCCOTH
Makes right AMENDS
Name once applied to oriental colonies, trading countries THEINDIES
Pertaining to the killing of one’s parent (of the same sex) to possess the other OEDIPAL
Rivers of the same name in Scotland and England DEE
Small spit or skewer: French kebab BROCHETTE
Storage for a particular fashion item HATBOX
Tentacled cephalopod OCTOPUS
Took the initiative CALLEDTHETUNE