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The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,218 – February 3 2019

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Clues Answers
Dethrone USURP
Exclamation of surprise or shock STONETHECROWS
Field event in Athletics SHOTPUT
Fine: dead ball situation in football, rugby, etc PENALTY
Frown; stare angrily GLOWER
Greek goddess of youth and spring HEBE
Hand tool for grinding spices in a mortar PESTLE
Little people; tall people! (Tolkien) ELVES
Logically valid: came to a conclusion REASONED
Offensive to one’s sight or other senses UGLY
One prejudiced and intolerant of differing views BIGOT
Personal magnetism CHARISMA
Place of pain and turmoil HELLHOLE
Place of wickedness: gambling joint DENOFINIQUITY
Resident; inhabitant DENIZEN
Stagger this way and that TOTTER
Trite; humdrum BANAL
University administrator: cleric DEAN
Vegetable, an emblem of Wales LEEK
Vinegarish ACETIC
Wrestling hold BEARHUG