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The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,231 – May 4 2019

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Clues Answers
Adroit DEFT
Ballroom dance TWOSTEP
Beast-like, untamed FERAL
Childhood plumpness PUPPYFAT
Clarified butter GHEE
Come across RUNINTO
Descend by rope ABSEIL
Desist STOP
Extremely remote BACKOFBEYOND
Gardening tool DUTCHHOE
Get the better of OUTWIT
Highland sword CLAYMORE
Hostility, enmity BADBLOOD
Indecent OBSCENE
Mediaeval allegorical drama MORALITYPLAY
Obsessive type ANORAK
Put to death without trial LYNCH
Range of mountains SIERRA
Social class CASTE
Squirrel’s nest DREY
Submarine missile TORPEDO
To be performed by the whole orchestra TUTTI