The Guardian – Speedy crossword No 1,405 – Sep 4 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
Affianced ENGAGED
Annoyance. vexation CHAGRIN
Bivalve mollusc OYSTER
Confused ATSEA
Confused mixture FARRAGO
Cosmetic MAKEUP
Disregard NEGLECT
Enlist ENROL
Extent LIMIT
Gripping tool PLIERS
Highly concentrated INTENSE
Informal, off-hand CASUAL
Manage, cope GETBY
Maxim. saying MOTTO
Minister to, tend TREAT
Newspaper head EDITOR
No longer in existence EXTINCT
Pallid. lacking in colour ANAEMIC
Pitcher, flask CARAFE
Remains of an old building RUINS
Rider’s foot holder STIRRUP
Shawl-like garment PONCHO
Soil-enriching material MULCH
Very brief moment SPLITSECOND
Wrinkles around the eyes CROWSFEET

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