The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 378 – Mar 30 2018

Clues Answers
1516 book by Thomas More UTOPIA
1968 album by Aretha Franklin LADYSOUL
A trade name for the antidepressant Fluoxetine PROZAC
A type of RAF surveillance aircraft – or the 9th of Elgar’s Enigma Variations? NIMROD
Artist who provides the voice for Homer Simpson DAN
Artist who provides the voice for Woody in Toy Story TOMHANKS
Family portrayed in Steinbeck’s The Grapes of Wrath JOAD
Greek island – or a town in New York state ITHACA
Hebrew phrase meaning ‘congratulations’? MAZELTOV
Intergovernmental organisation accounting for roughly half the world’s oil production OPEC
Joanne Harris novel set in a French village CHOCOLAT
Clues Answers
John Neville and John Maynard __, economists KEYNES
Month for which 19th century Russian revolutionaries were named? DECEMBER
Music hall dance often drawn by Toulouse-Lautrec CANCAN
Network of townships south west of Johannesburg SOWETO
Olivia __, star of The Night Manager COLMAN
River forming the border between Kentucky and Indiana OHIO
Russian ruler, eponymous hero of Pushkin’s play of 1831 BORISGODUNOV
Whoopi __, artist who provides the voice for Shenzi in The Lion King GOLDBERG
__ Conti, comedian and ventriloquist NINA
__ Zedong, Chinese communist leader MAO

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