The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 383 – May 4 2018

Clues Answers
1995 science fiction movie starring Natasha Henstridge and Sir Ben Kingsley SPECIES
A traditional pudding – or a type of woodlouse ROLYPOLY
A type of fish – or the hairstyle sported in Repin’s Reply Of The Zaporozhian Cossacks To Sultan Mehmed IV Of Turkey CHUB
Canal du __, waterway linking the Atlantic and the Mediterranean MIDI
Chain of nucleotides determining our genetic make-up DNA
Eve’s third son SETH
Flowering plant also known as leadwort PLUMBAGO
Food for whales? PLANKTON
Former international time standard, replaced by UTC GMT
Founder of 13 JIMMY
Internet encyclopedia created by its users WIKIPEDIA
Island state in the Indian Ocean SRILANKA
Clues Answers
Margaret __, author of Gone with the Wind MITCHELL
Natives of Spain or Portugal? IBERIANS
Pop duo whose hits include Last Christmas WHAM
Prussian philosopher KANT
The muse of history CLIO
The sea eagle ERNE
Town and racecourse in Staffordshire UTTOXETER
Type of licence which enables free distribution of copyright material, widely used on 13 CREATIVE
__ Islands, archipelago stretching west from Alaska ALEUTIAN
__ Wyman, former Rolling Stone BILL

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