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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 388 – Jun 8 2018

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Clues Answers
1982 song by The Clash ROCKTHE
A curse often found in double or triple form? WHAMMY
British spy hanged during the American Revolutionary war JOHN
Camille __, Impressionist painter whose Bath Road, Chiswick (1897) is in the Ashmolean Museum PISSARRO
Captain of the Pequod? AHAB
CIA officer convicted of espionage in 1994 ALDRICH
Condiment named for the Houses of Parliament HPSAUCE
Egyptian deity whose eye is known to viewers of Only Connect? HORUS
Informal term for single-cell eukaryotes PROTOZOA
Irish rugby captain RORYBEST
Kim __, Kipling’s spy hero OHARA
Martin __, author of London Fields AMIS
Clues Answers
See 1 Down HARI
See 2 Down NORWOOD
See 23 Across ANDRE
See 3 AMES
Soviet spy from south London whose identity was revealed in 1999 MELITA
Strait of __, waterway separating Tierra de Fuego from the mainland MAGELLAN
The stage name of Margaretha MacLeod, executed for spying in 1917 MATA
UN Secretary-General, 1961-1971 UTHANT
__ and Kashmir, Indian state JAMMU
__ bin Laden, father of Osama MOHAMMED
__ Trap, a chess opening devised by Ruy Lopez NOAHSARK