The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 389 – Jun 15 2018

Clues Answers
A daughter of whom was a fool to sleep at noon, according to Christina Rossetti? EVE
A resident of where, according to Byron, came down like the wolf on the fold? ASSYRIA
Cain’s brother ABEL
Capital of Angola LUANDA
Freshwater lake in 12 BAIKAL
How would Dylan Thomas not have his father go into that good night? GENTLE
How, according to Yeats, should one tread on dreams? SOFTLY
In what was Keats much travelled before looking into Chapman’s Homer? REALMS
James __, biographer of Samuel Johnson BOSWELL
Kenya’s second city MOMBASA
More thicker than what was e.e.cummings’ love? FORGET
Publisher owned by Sigrid Rausing GRANTA
Respectful term of address in Hindi SRI
Clues Answers
Term for a liberal who has moved to the right NEOCON
The larger part of Russia SIBERIA
The last full measure of what did Lincoln think the dead gave at Gettysburg? DEVOTION
W. H. Davies thought it a poor life if we have no time to stand and __? STARE
What did Carol Ann Duffy give her valentine, in preference to a satin heart? ONION
What did Frost’s horse think it when he stopped by those snowy woods? QUEER
What kind of spirit was Shelley’s skylark? BLITHE
What would Ginsberg do, having seen the best minds of his generation destroyed by madness? HOWL
What, according to Herrick, should virgins gather while they may? ROSEBUDS
Where, according to Coleridge, Kubla Khan decreed his pleasure dome? XANADU
Yorkshire seaside town on the Esk WHITBY
__ Jones, architect who designed Covent Garden INIGO

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