The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 392 – Jul 6 2018

Clues Answers
Excessive pride? HUBRIS
Former immigrant reception centre in New York City ELLIS
French delicacy made through gavage FOIEGRAS
Holistic school of psychotherapy GESTALT
Italian coffee flavoured dessert TIRAMISU
Jewish fried or baked savory snack KNISH
Leader of North Korea since 2011 KIM
Leader of the Soviet Union, 1964-1982 LEONID
Number of players in a baseball team NINE
Obi-Wan Kenobi’s nickname BEN
Pierre de __, French mathematician known for his ‘last theorem’ FERMAT
See 4 Down ISLAND
Clues Answers
See 9 Across JONGUN
Space telescope launched in 1990 HUBBLE
Sweden’s third city? MALMO
The capital of Alaska JUNEAU
The husband of Eurydice ORPHEUS
The nickname of Robin Goodfellow? PUCK
The subject of Peter Shaffer’s Amadeus MOZART
The world’s second most populous country INDIA
Ukraine’s currency HRYVNIA
US city south of Niagara Falls BUFFALO
Woman who married Hitler on 29 April 1945 EVABRAUN

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