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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 397 – Aug 10 2018

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Clues Answers
‘Hello __’: Jerry’s trademark greeting for the poet-mailman in Seinfeld NEWMAN
A hydrocarbon depicted as planar hexagon BENZENE
Acronym for method of data computing in which the most recently added elements are processed first LIFO
Acronym for technology that enables wireless identification of passports via tags RFID
Ancient Egyptian beetle that was ‘stolen’ by Lord Emsworth SCARAB
Arabian string of beads used for prayer or stress relief MISBAHA
Country in West Africa, home to the city Timbuktu MALI
Faith of a Zoroastrian community that emigrated from Greater Iran PARSIISM
Forgetful fictional fish DORY
Form of writing in which certain letters, when taken in order, spell out a message ACROSTIC
Jamie __, actor who played a cross-dressing military man in M*A*S*H FARR
Malay for “person” ORANG
Clues Answers
Meditative martial art from China TAICHI
NBC’s comic-spy series starring Zachary Levi CHUCK
Posture in yoga ASANA
Prison island ALCATRAZ
Simon, Theodore, and __: David Seville’s three chipmunks ALVIN
Trojan hero with vulnerable heel ACHILLES
Turing test to tell machines and humans apart CAPTCHA
Type of saree with gold brocade work, named after the city where it is traditionally woven BANARASI
What George Orwell was to Eric Arthur Blair PENNAME
Zaphod Beeblebrox had three of these; the Black Knight eventually had none ARMS
__ Belt, Britain’s oldest boxing trophy introduced in 1909 LONSDALE
__ Bly, investigative journalist who once made a record-breaking trip around the world in 72 days NELLIE