The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 403 – Sep 21 2018

Clues Answers
Ancient Greek advocate of a happy life based on ataraxia and aponia EPICURUS
Anne __, English queen 1533-1536 BOLEYN
City on the Arno FLORENCE
Constellation that includes the Pleiades and the Hyades TAURUS
Country whose capital is Naypyidaw MYANMAR
Epic poem attributed to Homer ILIAD
French city on the Loire NANTES
Jamaican citrus fruit UGLI
London insurance market LLOYDS
Moazzam __, British citizen held at Guantanamo, 2003-2005 BEGG
Nobel laureate from 10, now condemned for the treatment of the 9 AungSanSuuKyi
Percussion instrument made of wooden bars which are played with a mallet MARIMBA
Pierre de __, French mathematician known for his ‘last theorem’ FERMAT
River flowing through Perth, Australia SWAN
Russian cabbage soup SHCHI
Savings account replaced by ISAs from 1999 TESSA
Stateless people from Rakhine state in 10 ROHINGYA
The Norse god of thunder THOR
The __, Jack London novel set in the Yukon CALLOFTHEWILD
Wilhelm von __, Enlightenment thinker known for writing The Limits of State Action HUMBOLDT
__ Pacific, international airline based in Hong Kong CATHAY
__ Skinner, character in EastEnders played by Gretchen Franklin ETHEL

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