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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 404 – Sep 28 2018

Published in The Guardian Weekend. Tags: , , , .

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Clues Answers
Another name for a shooting star METEOR
Cambridge college founded in 1584 EMMANUEL
Cecil John __, imperialist buried in the Matobo Hills, Zimbabwe RHODES
Editor’s shorthand for ‘from the same source’ IBID
Greek historian from the 5th century BC HERODOTUS
Historian and author of The Age of Extremes ERIC
Historian and presenter of the BBC’s A History of Britain SIMON
Ireland’s longest river SHANNON
Jimmy __, England footballer and BBC pundit ARMFIELD
Medulla __, part of the brain responsible for involuntary functions such as sneezing OBLONGATA
Michael __, co-author of Call Me Dave (2015) ASHCROFT
Moeen __, English cricketer ALI
Occupation of Albrecht Dürer and Chaim Goldberg ENGRAVER
Patrick __, star of Dirty Dancing SWAYZE
Relating to the chest? THORACIC
See 17 BEARD
See 21 Across SCHAMA
SI unit of electrical resistance OHM
Sikh practice of letting one’s hair grow naturally KESH
Trevor __, South African comedian and host of The Daily Show NOAH
Vegetable appearing on the badge of the Welsh Guards LEEK
What the Boomtown Rats didn’t like in 1979 MONDAYS
__, Cambridge professor of classics MARY