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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 410 – Nov 10 2018

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Clues Answers
2005 novel by Zadie Smith ONBEAUTY
A setting of a German poem to classical music LIED
British and South African mining company founded by Sir Ernest Oppenheimer ANGLOAMERICAN
Country that advertises itself as the warm heart of Africa? MALAWI
German term for, roughly, the area from the Rhine to the Vistula and the Baltic to the Balkans MITTELEUROPA
Japanese cloak, often secured with an obi KIMONO
Light carriage, often with just two wheels CHAISE
Manhattan night club popular with celebrities in the 1970s STUDIO54
Name given to the treaty signed by The Bolsheviks and the Central Powers to end Russia’s participation in World War 1 BRESTLITOVSK
Otto von __, Prussian, and later German, statesman (1815-1898) BISMARCK
River running through much of 7 DANUBE
Rock band fronted by Damon Albarn BLUR
The fifth of the UK’s Great Offices of state LORDPRIVYSEAL
The fourth largest of the Great Lakes ERIE
The year in which Augustus Caesar died AD14
Timber from palm trees COCOWOOD
Vanity __, 1848 novel by Thackeray FAIR
What St Peter asked the risen Christ on the road outside Rome? QUOVADIS
__ Building, a triangular skyscraper in downtown New York FLATIRON
__ Lane, reporter for the Daily Planet? LOIS