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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 414 – Dec 8 2018

Published in The Guardian Weekend. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
A quadrilateral with sides of the same length RHOMBUS
Arabic name meaning ‘lion’ ASSAD
Baruch __, Portuguese Enlightenment philosopher (1632-1677) SPINOZA
BBC arts show hosted by Alan Yentob IMAGINE
City spanning the Bosphorus ISTANBUL
European trade association whose members include Norway and Iceland EFTA
Japanese art form whose name means ‘tray planting’ BONSAI
Kingdom once ruled by Frederick the Great PRUSSIA
Maghrebi hot chilli pepper paste HARISSA
Miss __, detective created by Agatha Christie MARPLE
Mountain range in County Down MOURNE
Recess in church design also known as an exedra APSE
Reinhold __, US theologian whose works include Moral Man and Immoral Society (1932) NIEBUHR
Rock band whose hits include Wonderwall OASIS
The capital of Chad NDJAMENA
The capital of Mozambique MAPUTO
The capital of Norway OSLO
The capital of Tajikistan DUSHANBE
The capital of the DRC KINSHASA
The capital of Zimbabwe HARARE
The German for ‘dream’ TRAUM
The river Thames in Oxford ISIS
The Spanish word for ‘shandy’ CLARA
The __, magazine founded in 1992 by Richard Ingrams OLDIE
Title given to the resident of the University of St Andrews RECTOR
__ Sinclair, author of The Jungle (1904) UPTON