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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 416 – Dec 22 2018

Published in The Guardian Weekend. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
1992 erotic thriller starring Sharon Stone and Michael Douglas BASIC
A tortilla made of maizemeal, filled and covered in chilli sauce ENCHILADA
A wine storage shed, especially in Bordeaux CHAI
Community and worship leader in Sunni Islam IMAM
Desert straddling the border between California and Nevada MOJAVE
Jacob’s hirsute brother? ESAU
Jennifer __, star of Friends ANISTON
One of the great 6 – from New Zealand KIRITE
One of the great 6 – from the USA LEONTYNEPRICE
One of the great 6 – from the USA and Greece MARIA
Private members’ club on Pall Mall ATHENAEUM
River running through Basle and Cologne RHINE
See 11 Across CALLAS
See 17 Across INSTINCT
See 23 Across SOPRANOS
Swiss treatment for nasal congestion OLBASOIL
Television series created by David Chase THE
The capital of Cameroon YAOUNDE
The capital of Jordan AMMAN
The heaviest weapon used in modern fencing EPEE
The uncle of Minnie Mouse MORTIMER
__ Alley, star of the later seasons of Cheers KIRSTIE
__ Group, an association of research universities in the UK RUSSELL
__ Tower, a London landmark on the Thames OXO