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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 418 – January 5 2019

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Clues Answers
‘Render __ the things that are Caesar’s’: Matthew 22:21 UNTO
Another name for pulse (vegetable) LEGUME
Dutch football club based in Amsterdam AJAX
Egyptian god – or the Thames in Oxford? ISIS
German tennis star, winner of 22 Grand Slam titles STEFFI
Hamlet’s castle? ELSINORE
Island in French Polynesia TAHITI
Magnus _, reigning world chess champion CARLSEN
Member of a Muslim ethnic minority suffering persecution in China UIGHUR
Paul __, French Post-impressionist painter whose works include The Bathers CEZANNE
Polish city, host to the 2018 Climate Change Conference Katowice
Railway terminus in north London EUSTON
Rhodesian prime minister 1964-1979 IANSMITH
See 10 Across GRAF
See 5 Down DAVIS
Siberian river flowing through Yakutsk LENA
Susanna __, co-anchor of Good Morning Britain on ITV REID
The loser in the 2018 World Chess Championship FABIANO
US author, academic and activist and former vice-presidential candidate for the Communist Party ANGELA
What one should make, if life gives you lemons? LEMONADE
Yugoslav and US tennis star, rival to 10 6 MONICA