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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 422 – February 2 2019

Published in The Guardian Weekend. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
A suburb in London but a province in Canada? EDMONTON
Arthur __, prime minister 1902-1905 BALFOUR
Composer whose works include Das Lied von der Erde MAHLER
Country bordered by Iran and Tajikistan AFGHANISTAN
Eric __, producer of Darkest Hour and Four Weddings and a Funeral FELLNER
European country that became a republic in 1946 ITALY
Jacob and Wilhelm __, German collectors of folk tales GRIMM
Mountain range in South America ANDES
Opera by Bizet CARMEN
Port in Yemen ADEN
Russia’s real objective in 7/21? INDIA
See 7 GAME
Shorthand for the contest between the British and Russian empires over 19 THEGREAT
South American rodent AGOUTI
The capital of Malaysia KUALALUMPUR
The Hindu goddess of wealth LAKSHMI
Trademarked polystyrene used for insulation – or disposable coffee cups STYROFOAM
Whence came Ali G’s Massiv? STAINES
__ 21 – how Pele described football? THE
__ Fail, Irish conservative political party FIANNA
__ Star, also known as Sirius DOG