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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 425 – February 23 2019

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Clues Answers
1933 Marx Brothers comedy DUCKSOUP
Which film didn’t win the 2016 Oscar for best picture? LALA
An artisanal process for purifying pig iron – or of cultivating rice? PUDDLING
Californian American football franchise LARAMS
Cornish city known for its cathedral TRURO
Female rulers of our destiny, in Norse mythology NORNS
For whom was it no country in this 2007 Oscar winner? OLD
How did the locker feel when it won the best picture Oscar in 2009? HURT
In what was Shakespeare in this 1998 Oscar winner? LOVE
Liturgical season during which Christians anticipate the birth of Jesus ADVENT
Novel by Joseph Conrad set in Costaguana NOSTROMO
Of what were the chariots made in this 1981 Oscar winner? FIRE
One-time stage name of the rapper Kendrick Lamar KDOT
See 6 Across LAND
See 8 MEN
Smart-__ Kill, story by Raymond Chandler ALECK
The Russian for ‘thief’ VOR
Type of Israeli submachine gun UZI
UK government agency regulating qualifications and exams in England OFQUAL
What kind of dish for a king do four-and-twenty blackbirds make? DAINTY
What kind of dog became a millionaire in this 2008 Oscar winner? SLUM
What kind of light won the best picture Oscar in 2015? SPOT
What kind of light won the best picture Oscar in 2016? MOON
What kind of people won the Oscar for best picture in 1980? ORDINARY
What might one expect from the long con in this 1973 Oscar winner? STING
What was beautiful in this 2001 Oscar winner? MIND
Which Forrest won the 1994 Oscar for best picture? GUMP
With what did Ben Affleck win the 2012 Oscar for best picture? ARGO