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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 435 – May 3 2019

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Clues Answers
19th century moulded glass container still used for preserving food MASONJAR
A member of the Society of Jesus JESUIT
City which gave its name to the German republic, 1918-1933 WEIMAR
Controversial peer-to-peer taxi firm UBER
Irish political party led by Mary Lou McDonald SINNFEIN
Mathematician known as the founder of geometry EUCLID
Molly __, Dublin street seller who died of a fever? MALONE
Movie franchise starring Jackie Chan RUSHHOUR
Poet who celebrated the Tudor dynasty – or a Boston private eye SPENSER
See 3 DAZA
See 9 JANE
Slender rod with tapered ends used in hand spinning wool SPINDLE
The hypotenuse in the love triangle that included Jay Gatsby and her husband Tom? DAISY
The object of Ennis Del Mar’s desire in Brokeback Mountain JACK
US state bordered by Indiana and Iowa ILLINOIS
Venetian known for his self-confessed amorous exploits CASANOVA
Woman courted by Florentino Ariza in a time of cholera? FERMINA
Woman courted by her hatless lover on Ilkley Moor MARY
Woman who Ben Jonson would have drink to him only with her eyes? CELIA
Woman without whom Bob Dylan’s life didn’t mean a thing in 1962 CORRINA
__ Buildings, Liverpool landmark on Chapel Street UNITY
__ jug – also known as a Fillpot TOBY