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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 436 – May 10 2019

Published in The Guardian Weekend. Tags: , , , .

Clues Answers
1997 Booker Prize winning novel, set in Kerala (3,3,2,5,6) THEGOD
A short bob popular in the 1920s ETONCROP
Alan __, former England footballer and current MOTD analyst SHEARER
Edith __, French singer who regretted rien? PIAF
Epic poem by Allen Ginsberg HOWL
French city whose burghers were sculpted by Rodin? CALAIS
Investigative journalist known for his work on Watergate CARL
Member of a nomadic empire covering Central Eurasia from the 9th century BC SCYTHIAN
Michael Jackson single and album from 1982 THRILLER
Samuel __, Mark Twain’s real name CLEMENS
See 16 ROY
Sir Matthew __, choreographer BOURNE
Stephen __, former host of QI FRY
Supermarket chain started by the Albrecht brothers ALDI
Terraced structure found in ancient Mesopotamia ZIGGURAT
The author of 22 9 ARUNDHATI
The financial centre of Venice RIALTO
The Greek god of love EROS
The ninth letter of the Greek alphabet IOTA
WW2 film starring John Mills about an ambulance unit in the desert ICECOLDINALEX