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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 486 – Apr 25 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Guardian Weekend.

Clues Answers
‘And we are here as on a __ plain/ Swept with confused alarms of struggle and flight’ Matthew Arnold, Dover Beach DARKLING
1855 poem and collection of poems by Tennyson MAUD
__, vita brevis? ARSLONGA
Crime writer known for her novels featuring Dr Tony Hill VAL
Former railway franchise on the East Coast Main Line. GNER
Greek primordial deity, the ancestral mother of all life GAIA
Increasingly archaic name for the Republican Party GOP
Oil producers’ forum formed in 1960 OPEC
Ollie __, England batter POPE
One of the constituent colleges of the University of London QUEENMARY
Philosopher and mathematician in classical times, murdered by a mob HYPATIA
Pseudonym used by Elizabeth MacKintosh, author of The 1 18 JOSEPHINE
River running through Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam MEKONG
Sara __, author of the V I Warshawski novels PARETSKY
See 11 Across OFTIME
See 5 TEY
Sir Salman __, author of The Satanic Verses RUSHDIE
Tent from the central Asian steppe YURT
The capital of Paraguay ASUNCION
The __, crime thriller in which Richard III is exonerated of the murders of his nephews DAUGHTER
The __, racing driver in Top Gear? STIG
Umberto __, author of The Name of the Rose ECO
Victor __, author of Les Misérables HUGO