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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 487 – May 2 2020 – Puzzle Answers

Published in The Guardian Weekend.

Clues Answers
18th century American general, a byword for treason BENEDICT
A play by J M Barrie – or a type of confectionery QUALITYSTREET
Area of the Arizona badlands, known for its varied colours PAINTEDDESERT
Capital of Uzbekistan TASHKENT
Chuck __, pioneer of space flight YEAGER
Country forming most of ancient Mesopotamia IRAQ
Director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon and Life of Pi ANGLEE
Double reed woodwind instrument OBOE
Dr Henry Jones, to his friends? INDIANA
Ferromagnetic element NICKEL
Go __ It on the Mountain, novel by James Baldwin TELL
Isabella Augusta, Lady __, co-founder with Yeats of the Abbey Theatre, Dublin GREGORY
Italian mandolin owner, according to Louis de Bernières CORELLI
Japanese art of paper folding ORIGAMI
Jeremy and Tim __, presenter and comedian respectively VINE
Norwegian war-time leader, a byword for treason QUISLING
Oil used to flavour Earl Grey tea BERGAMOT
One of the great monotheistic religions ISLAM
Poet whose works include Law, Like Love AUDEN
Poet whose works include The Marriage of Heaven and Hell BLAKE
Region marking the transition from the Sahara to the savanna? SAHEL
Roy __, one of the SDP’s Gang of Four JENKINS
Siberian river flowing through Yakutsk LENA
Speech impediment affecting pronunciation of sibilants LISP
The active ingredient in alcoholic drinks ETHANOL