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The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 511 – Oct 17 2020 Crossword Answers

Published in The Guardian Weekend.

Clues Answers
5 as described by 1 in a prequel to Jane Eyre WIDE
Bobby __, jazz musician known for advising us Don’t Worry, Be Happy MCFERRIN
Bond novel and film DRNO
Crime investigators’ term for a criminal’s working habits MO
Dam and city on the Nile ASWAN
International vehicle registration code for South Africa ZA
Island on the Blackwater estuary in Essex OSEA
Japanese industrial conglomerate whose name translates as Sunrise HITACHI
Jean __, author of Good Morning, Midnight (1939) RHYS
Karen __, fashion designer and brand MILLEN
Leaves of the bay tree, on which one should never rest? LAURELS
Name given to the presumed original matter at the time of the Big Bang YLEM
Novel by John Banville (if once) or Iris Murdoch (if repeated) THESEA
Number of leagues travelled under 5 by Jules Verne TWENTY
Obelism instructing a typesetter to ignore an edit STET
See 15 Down MANAND
Term for the political phenomenon that began in Tunisia in 2010 ARABSPRING
US Army slang for a mess SNAFU
What Harry Champion, Peter Sellers and many others advised us to seek before we go to bed tonight? ANYOLDIRON
Where Rachel Carson described 5 in 1951 AROUNDUS
__ 5, novel by Hemingway THEOLD
__ Codex, manuscript containing the unique copy of Beowulf NOWELL