The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 553 – Aug 7 2021 Crossword Answer

Clues Answers
2005 epic by Ridley Scott, set during the Crusades KINGDOM
A member of the Australian men’s football team? SOCCEROO
A play by both Samuel Johnson and Voltaire IRENE
Acronym for the UK government’s advisory body for emergencies SAGE
Advice to travellers on the London Underground MINDTHEGAP
Belay device popular with rock climbers GRIGRI
Citizens of Kampala UGANDANS
Flightless bird native to South America RHEA
French for stock exchange BOURSE
Hot Mediterranean wind SIROCCO
Judah’s son slain for being ‘evil in the sight of the Lord’ ONAN
Making a speculative bid in bridge with a view to misleading one’s opponents PSYCHING
Mason __, Chelsea and England footballer MOUNT
Rhode Island’s capital PROVIDENCE
See 16 HEART
Shortened term for a contract entered into prior to marriage or civil union PRENUP
The g-nicest works of g-nature in the zoo, according to Flanders and Swann? GNUS
Those, according to the King James Bible, to whom the 13/12 belongs? POORIN
Those, according to the King James Bible, who shall see God PUREIN
Unit of currency in Jordan and Iraq DINAR

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