The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 586 – Apr 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
2019 Oscar winning live action short film SKIN
7 __, Kramer’s lawyer in Seinfeld, played by Phil Morris CHILES
7 __, star of the Rush Hour movies CHAN
Character played by Pam Grier in a 1997 movie by Quentin Tarantino JACKIE
Character played by Richard O’Brien in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975) RIFFRAFF
Cymbeline’s daughter in the Shakespeare play IMOGEN
International airline based in Hong Kong CATHAY
John __, 19th century Irish physicist known for his work on infrared radiation TYNDALL
See 1 Down PACIFIC
Sir Henry __, author of Vitai Lampada NEWBOLT
Sport at which Willie Mays excelled BASEBALL
The Ghanaian capital ACCRA
Thomas More’s fictional island UTOPIA
Tom __, US mathematician and satirist whose songs include The Vatican Rag LEHRER
Tree of the genus Salix WILLOW
United Nations agency concerned with the rights of children UNICEF
Vince __, legendary 1960s coach of the Green Bay Packers LOMBARDI
__ 7, eponymous character played by Edie Falco NURSE
__ Berthaud, character played by Caroline Proust in the TV series Spiral LAURE
__ Crossing, bridge and tunnel forming part of the M25 DARTFORD
__ Declaration, name given to the 1917 expression of British government support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine BALFOUR
__ Life, 1996 BBC drama series created by Amy Jenkins THIS
__ weight, system of measurement used for precious metals TROY

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