The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 587 – Apr 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
1819 novel by Walter Scott IVANHOE
Ancient county of western Scotland ARGYLL
Capital of Ukraine KYIV
Caramel, nougat and chocolate confectionery created in Slough in 1932 MARSBAR
City once known as Constantinople ISTANBUL
City once known as Salisbury HARARE
Fernando __, F1 driver and former champion ALONSO
Former president of the Dominican Republic, after whom Santo Domingo was once named TRUJILLO
Individual whose progress was recorded by Hogarth? RAKE
Jewish school for study of the Talmud and the Torah YESHIVA
Kamala __, US vice president HARRIS
Lee __, author of the Jack Reacher novels CHILD
Little __, area of New York bordered by Tribeca and SoHo ITALY
Long __, former name of the Maze prison in County Down KESH
Movie franchise starring Bruce Willis DIEHARD
Name by which Chennai was once known MADRAS
Nigel __, actor who played Neil in The Young Ones PLANER
Oscar Wilde’s narcissist DORIAN
Roseanne __, US comedian BARR
See 4 Down GRAY
Spice Girls’ debut single WANNABE
The name by which Asterix knew Paris? LUTETIA
The river between Earth and the underworld in Greek mythology STYX
__ Thompson-Herah, Jamaican sprinter ELAINE

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