The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 589 – Apr 23 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
A group of bones in the human foot – or a city in Turkey TARSUS
Castrated servant of a royal court EUNUCH
Chemical element, atomic number 70 YTTERBIUM
Country bordered by Cameroon and Benin NIGERIA
Gwen __, singer whose hits include It’s My Life and Just a Girl STEFANI
Hedy __, Delilah to Victor Mature’s Samson in 1949 LAMARR
Home secretary 2019 – ? PRITI
Home secretary, 2010-2016 THERESA
Home secretary, 2016-2018 AMBER
I’m a Celebrity… loser, 2012; cabinet minister, 2021- ? NADINE
Ian __, author of the Rebus detective novels RANKIN
Lord chancellor 2016-2017 LIZ
Sean __, Irish playwright long associated with the Abbey Theatre, Dublin OCASEY
See 11 MAY
See 19 Down PATEL
See 22 TRUSS
See 4 Down RUDD
See 5 Down DORRIES
Swedish pop group ABBA
The second book of the Old Testament EXODUS
What MPs wish to do when they take the Chiltern Hundreds? RESIGN
William, to the French? guillaume
__ Barksdale, lead drug dealer in HBO’s The Wire AVON
__ the Impaler, said to have inspired the character of Count Dracula VLAD

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