The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 591 – May 7 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
19th century term for water, favoured by the temperance movement ADAMSALE
Area of New Delhi used as shorthand for the Indian government RAISINA
Boneless tenderised meat, usually served fried ESCALOPE
Building which houses the US State Department HARRY
Cape __, the easternmost point of mainland Australia BYRON
Character in Absolutely Fabulous played by Joanna Lumley PATSY
Chili paste native to the Maghreb HARISSA
Common name for Robert Burns’s poem published in Scots in 1786 TOAMOUSE
Condiment made from ground sesame TAHINI
Large African antelope known for its curving horns KUDU
Legislation from 1705 that briefly made Scots in England foreign nationals ALIENACT
Madeline __, comedian known for her roles in Paper Moon and Blazing Saddles KAHN
Peninsula in eastern Kent THANET
See 10 Across HILL
See 3 Down STRUMAN
See 8 Across STREET
The capital of Jordan AMMAN
The location of the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs QUAI
The location of the UK’s Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office KING
The seventh book of the Old Testament JUDGES
What James Thomson urged Britannia to do in 1740? RULE
__ Island, prison location in New York City RIKERS

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