The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 599 – Jul 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
2007 film directed by Sean Penn – or a family festival in Sussex INTOTHEWILD
Berkshire town where Wilde was imprisoned READING
Bob __, the chief of medicine in Scrubs KELSO
British luxury car brand, founded 1919 BENTLEY
Cuban dance and music genre MAMBO
Henrik __, author of A Doll’s House IBSEN
In linguistics, the use of words to give context DEIXIS
Johannes __, Dutch artist whose works include A Young Woman seated at a Virginal VERMEER
Lewis __, racing driver HAMILTON
Lord __, proprietor of Private Eye? GNOME
See 2 Down KEYNES
Steven Spielberg’s first film for television (1971) DUEL
The highest peak in the UK BENNEVIS
The Spanish for tomorrow MANANA
Thomas __, once owner of a cricket ground in London LORD
__ Dorries, culture secretary NADINE
__ Gandhi, India’s third prime minister INDIRA
__-Romagna, administrative region of Italy EMILIA

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