The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 600 – Jul 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
1952 western starring Gary Cooper HIGHNOON
24/5/6/8/__ – where the 26/15 rode, according to Tennyson DEATH
Ancient civilisation based in northern Mesopotamia ASSYRIA
Body of water surrounding the Solovetsky Islands WHITESEA
Brand of coffee and rum liqueur TIAMARIA
Claire __, star of Homeland DANES
Extinct bird DODO
It’s DC, when written in Roman numerals SIX
Joseph __, composer and mentor to Mozart HAYDN
Mary J __, singer whose hits include Family Affair BLIGE
Ornamental case, used to hold cosmetics or similar items ETUI
Peggy and Pete __, US folk singers SEEGER
See 18 Across BLUES
See 24 Across ELAH
See 26 Across HUNDRED
Sir George __, British politician after whom Toronto’s main street is named YONGE
The captain of the Pequod? AHAB
The South African currency RAND
WH Auden poem made famous by Four Weddings and a Funeral FUNERAL
What unbeatable warships and excuses may be? IRONCLAD
Where David met Goliath? (2,3,6,2,4) IN
__ 6, area whose ownership is disputed by Pakistan and India KASHMIR
__ 8/5/6 – sweet-smelling flowering plant LILY

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