The Guardian – Weekend crossword No 603 – Jul 30 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
‘Where ignorant __ clash by night.’ Matthew Arnold in Dover Beach ARMIES
Arts complex on the London Underground? BARBICAN
Chancery, Turnpike or Wood on the London Underground? LANE
City where Bongbong Marcos lives in the Malacañang Palace MANILA
Common, South or Broadway on the London Underground? EALING
Computer operating system first developed in the 1960s UNIX
Cryptic crossword setter – and a fragrant spice NUTMEG
Edith __, singer PIAF
Hilary Mantel’s fictional account of the life of Thomas Cromwell WOLFHALL
Legume popular in Mediterranean cuisine FAVABEAN
Metrical foot consisting of an unstressed and a stressed syllable IAMB
One of five towns on the London Underground? CAMDEN
One of several courts on the London Underground BARONS
One of several streets on the London Underground? BOND
One of three manors on the London Underground BOSTON
Prime minister, 1970-1974 TEDHEATH
Private Eye’s preferred spelling for this newspaper? GRAUNIAD
Red, Stone or Putney on the London Underground? BRIDGE
River of which the Marañón in Peru is a tributary? AMAZON
The only valley on the London Underground? RODING
Tropical fly known for its bites TSETSE
__ Bardot, animal rights campaigner BRIGITTE
__ Clooney, human rights lawyer AMAL
__ Makeba, singer MIRIAM

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